Man kicked by officer in dash cam video speaks out

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA (NBC) — For the first time we are hearing from the man seen in a dash cam video being kicked several times by a St. Paul Minnesota police officer while a police dog bites him repeatedly.

Two of the officers seen in the video are currently suspended.

St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell met with the man injured in the video while he was in the hospital and said, “he was very sincere.”

In that meeting the victim, Frank Baker, said the chief promised a full investigation, so during a summer in which his story could have led to even more violence, he decided to wait for answers.

Chief Axtell apologized and said what happened, “simply isn’t the St. Paul way.”

“It means a whole lot. The apology,” said Baker. “You know, he apologized to me for the police force and I thought that was super cool.”

Though he didn’t have a gun and wasn’t the suspect the officer was looking for, Baker was still arrested for disturbing the peace that night.

But after watching the video, his attorneys said the charges were quickly dismissed.