Man nearly attacked by aggressive fox in Brockton

BROCKTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Brockton Police are urging residents to be careful after a fox tried to attack a man early Friday morning on Boundary Avenue.

Frank Chaplin said he was heading to work at 4 a.m. Friday and had just put his lunch box in his pickup truck when he turned around and saw a fox lunging at him. Chaplin said the fox had really watery eyes and he believes it was rabid.

“I jumped in the truck, shut the door. And it even hit my running bar and then I’m looking for it and it’s a fox,” said Chaplin.

Chaplin said the fox slowly walked away and kept turning around to look back at him as it walked across his neighbor’s yard. As he climbed out of his truck again, Chaplin said the fox came running towards him so he jumped back inside his vehicle.

Chaplin reported the incident to police and animal control set up a trap in his backyard. Animal control came back to check late Friday afternoon but so far, the fox has not been caught.

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