Man rescues teen after he falls through ice in California

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (WHDH) — A man in California quickly jumped into action to save a teenage boy’s life after he fell through a sheet of ice.

Ian Whitmarsh was visiting family in South Lake Tahoe and was on a walk near a lake when he said they saw a 13-year-old boy walking his bicycle across the frozen surface. The boy then fell through into the icy water.

As family members called 911, Whitmarsh said he heard the boy scream for help. He then ran onto the ice to save him.

“It was extremely scary, the whole time I was scared,” said Whitmarsh.

Whitmarsh said the boy called for help again and sounded like he was struggling. He managed to pull the boy out of the water and he was taken to the hospital with severe hypothermia. Whitmarsh was treated for cuts to his hands from the ice.

“It felt really powerful that he’s alive and he’s alright,” said Whitmarsh.

The boy has since been released from the hospital and is now doing OK.

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