Man rides bicycle through Tip O’Neill Tunnel

BOSTON (WHDH) - A man was filmed riding a Hubway bicycle through the Tip O’Neill Tunnel in Boston.

Brad Anderson and Todd Pease said they were heading north on I-93 after attending a car show. The two of them spotted the cyclist and filmed him, posting the video on Snapchat. They said the man did not seem too worried to be biking in afternoon traffic, even smiling at them as he rode by.

“Didn’t look like his first rodeo. I think he’s probably done it more than a couple times,” said Anderson.

Hubway is taking the incident seriously. In a statement on Facebook, the company said, “It is extremely dangerous and definitely illegal to ride a bike on 93 (or any area highway). Do not do it.”

This cyclist was not the only one riding a bicycle on the highway over the weekend. On Sunday, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation posted a video showing someone riding a bicycle in the Pru Tunnel on the Mass Pike, before be escorted off the highway by State Police.

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