Man stops to help rescue puppy from storm drain after hearing shrieking cries for help

A puppy that was rescued Thursday after falling and getting stuck in a storm drain in California has found a new home.

Jeremy Cabaccang says he was driving through a neighborhood in Stockton when he heard a shrieking cry for help.

“We were in the area going down Memory Lane,” he told KCRA-TV. “We see two dogs sitting right here and heard something, so I parked my car sure. Sure enough, the puppies are waiting for their third sibling stuck in the drain.”

Cabaccang says he couldn’t reach the terrified puppy through the narrow drain opening but he comforted the animal, promising to get her help with the other puppies waited patiently.

An animal control officer responded to the scene. Rather than taking the grate off the drain, they instead lowered a lasso around the puppy’s neck and lifted it to safety.

Other than a muddy bottom, the puppy seemed perfectly fine, according to Cabaccang.

“Everything happens for a reason because if we weren’t here, it might rain in a couple of hours,” he said. “So who would have known what could have happened.”

The rescued puppy and her two other brothers were taken to the shelter, where Cabaccang thinks he will be first in line for adoption.

Cabaccang says if he does adopt the dog, he will seriously consider naming his new puppy “Lucky.”

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