Man with revoked license crashes brother’s Ferrari in Weymouth

WEYMOUTH, MASS. (WHDH) - A red Ferrari wedged under an SUV needed to be lifted with a crane after a serious crash in Weymouth Tuesday night.

Police say the man behind the wheel was driving his brother’s sports car with a revoked license when he crashed into two cars.

“Two minutes earlier I was in between those two cars with my kid,” said a neighbor who lived near the crash.

According to an extensive driving record obtained by 7News, the driver, 50-year-old John Distasio, had more than a dozen violations for a suspended or revoked license.

He also had an OUI violation on his record from 2014, and several speeding and reckless operations violations are listed.

The driver told officers that he lost control of the Ferrari while trying to change gears, but police believe he was speeding when he traveled over the double-yellow line, into oncoming traffic, continued over a sidewalk, spun around, crashed through a fence and then slammed into two cars in the driveway.

The neighbor, who was not identified, said he had just gotten back from a walk with his wife and baby before the Ferrari flew into his SUV.

“If you look here, the lines here lead into my window,” he said. “How scary is that?”

The driver was taken to the hospital after the crash. He currently faces several charges.

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