A chilly day in March is manageable if that day offers lots of sunshine and little to no wind. The latter is of most importance and I think it’s today’s theme. On Monday we saw wind gusts between 20-30 mph which kept wind chills in the 20s despite a full day of sunshine. Today, we have more sunshine in order but less wind and even tho temps fall well short of our normal high of 48 it will feel much nicer than yesterday. I’ll take it.

Wednesday won’t be as bright with clouds taking over the sky during the afternoon but those clouds will be tied to a warm front. That front won’t quite deliver the goods tomorrow (low to mid 40s) but on Thursday it will—as many towns start the day in the 40s and reach the mid 50s by afternoon. The trade-off to this mild weather will be a day of clouds & showers. Plan on rain gear for much of Thursday. Also plan on .50″ of rain by evening.

This weather system peels out of here on Friday taking the rain & clouds with it but also taking the spring warmth. I do think we can eek out one more mild day with temps near 50 before turning colder Friday night. Weekend looks chilly but dry as of now.


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