MANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH) — A New Hampshire family was forced to give up their dog after she was hit by a plow, but an animal clinic was able to help thanks to donations.

The clinic was able to raise $32,000, which will be more than enough to pay for the surgery. Nearly 1,000 people came forward with donations after 7News ran the story.

Molly, the three-year-old border collie, was left bruised and broken Tuesday night and after looking into the options her owner's only choice was to euthanize her.

But Dr. Deborah Kelloway saw another option.

"All four legs technically are not working, but she’s in good spirits. Even when she came in she was wagging her tail so it’s worth a second chance," Kelloway said.

Kelloway convinced Molly’s crying owner to surrender the dog to the clinic’s non-profit arm where she can make sure Molly gets the $20,000 treatment she deserves.

The clinic will absorb more than $10,000 in costs, but it hoped to raise $4,000 to pay a surgeon to fix Molly’s leg.

"I think this is too big for one person to handle and it’s too big even for the owner to handle, it’s too big me to handle,” Kelloway said.

Kelloway says she's doing this for Molly, but she admits she was also moved when the owner walked out in tears and drove away in a car with veteran plates.

"I think if we can help him get man’s best friend. He served our country and as far as I know, unless he’s driving someone else’s car with veteran on the plate, he deserves something back,” Kelloway said.

Molly is slated to undergo 10 hours of surgery Saturday and then months of rehab afterward.

To find out more about the campaign to help Molly click here.

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