Manhunt underway for man accused of violently attacking mother with meat tenderizer in Walpole

WALPOLE, MASS. (WHDH) - Authorities are searching for a man accused of violently attacking his mother with a meat tenderizer in Walpole on Wednesday.

Residents received a reverse 911 call urging them to keep their houses and cars locked as officers search for Ian Crowley, who attacked his mother in the area of the 500 block of Common Street around 7 p.m., Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael said.

“The suspect who happens to be involved is her son. He fled the scene on foot,” he said of Crowley.

A dispute over “alcohol consumption” sparked the attack, according to Carmichael.

Crowley’s mother was taken to a local hospital with what were considered non-life-threatening injuries. She is expected to be OK.

“Sometimes it looks a lot worse than it is when you look at the scene,” Carmichael said. “She did have some injuries to her head and back area.”

Carmichael said Crowley, who was wearing a dark Fila jumpsuit, was spotted several times in the area.

“We’ve gotten several reports of people witnessing him,” he said. “We did locate a weapon involved, so we believe that he took it with him, so you want to take precautions and make sure that everybody is safe.”

Carmichael also noted that Crowley recently returned to the area after living out of state.

“Somewhat homeless, living in tents and that kind of thing. Just recently came back to Massachusetts, where he’s been staying with family,” Carmichael said. “There was some type of disturbance tonight that kind of led to the assault.”

Anyone who sees Crowley is urged not to approach him and to immediately call 911.

Crowley is expected to face a charge of attempted murder.

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