We’ve all heard of the dangers that detergent packets can pose to young children, especially for those under the age of six. 

But now, experts have learned that some cause more harm than others.

Young kids often see detergent pods as bright and colorful toys, in sizes that fit perfectly in their small hands. 

"They put them in their mouth and as soon as they pop that container, it squirts into the back of their throat and the game is over," Dr. Gary Smith of Nationwide Children’s Hospital said.

Ingesting the chemicals can cause severe burns, lung damage, and other medical problems.

“We’ve seen coma, we’ve seen seizures, we even had two deaths due to exposure to these laundry detergent packets over the last two years,” Dr. Smith said.

Dr. Smith and colleagues at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus said poison control centers took more than 62,000 calls about kids eating detergent pods between 2013 and 2014 alone. 

It’s not just laundry detergents that are a concern. More and more children are getting their hands on dish washer packets.

Manufacturers are strongly urging parents to keep these products out of the reach of children.

While there is danger in ingesting all detergents, liquid laundry packets were associated with the most severe injuries in children.

Some manufacturers have adopted voluntary safety standards, adding warning labels and changing to opaque packaging.

Safety experts encourage parents to use more conventional methods until their kids are a little older. 

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