Marathon bombing survivors offer support to Orlando victims

BOSTON (WHDH) - Survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings are offering their support to the victims and survivors of the mass shooting in Orlando.

Liz Norden said she can relate to the stories of mothers desperate to know the fate of their children after the shooting. Norden was that parent three years ago when her sons JP and Paul were at the Boston Marathon as the bombs went off. Each of them lost a leg in the bombing.

“When you see those people, you know the pain, you can feel it,” said Norden. “It’s a pain you can’t even imagine not knowing, if your son, daughter, whatever, is alive or dead.”

Norden called it “sickening” learning that the Orlando gunman allegedly referenced the Boston Marathon bombers in a 911 call to police. According to the FBI, the gunman called the Tsarnaev brothers his “homeboys.”

“Everyday you think maybe it will just leave you and of course it never leaves me,” said Norden. “For my boys, more so.”

Adrienne Haslet, who had part of her leg amputated after the bombings, shared her feelings about Orlando on Facebook. “I’m lost for words. These stories are heartbreaking,” Haslet wrote. “Just heard he mentioned Boston bombers on 911 call.”

Jeff Bauman also posted about Orlando on Facebook, sharing a “Pray for Orlando” graphic. Bauman lost both legs in the bombings but helped police track down the bombers. Carlos Arredondo, the hero with the cowboy hat who rescued Bauman and got him help, attended the vigil at City Hall Monday.

“We’re grieving along with them,” Arredondo told 7News.

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