Marathon bombing victims take aim on the links

NORTON, Mass. (WHDH) — survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing were given a unique opportunity Wednesday when they were invited to golfing lessons in Norton.

The bombing took a lot from them but it didn't take their spirit or their ability to have a little fun.

They spent the morning at the TPC Boston, the site of this weekend's PGA tour event where they got a second shot at life on “I think it's a good opportunity for me to learn something new and every day in life when you learn something new you move forward,” Mery Daniel, a bombing victim who lost one of her legs, said.

Daniel has never played golf before, but it's one of several new activities she's gotten into since the bombing.

“I’m doing cycling and I’m going to run a lot of races, a lot of sports really help me with rehabilitating. I’m up for the challenge,” Daniel said.

Golfsmith reached out to Spaulding Rehab Hospital, offering fitted golf clubs to any interested marathon victim.

JP Norden says he can't wait to get back out on the links, getting his bag today with the pros at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

“It will make me feel like more of my life. I’m just trying to get back to normal,” bombing victim JP Norden said. “It’s slow right now and people would say before, golf is so frustrating; well it can't top losing your leg and being frustrated about that.

Norden said this is more than he expected and it has really helped him get back to normal.

“In the beginning when I was laying there in the hospital, I didn't know what I could do, I was in a lot of pain and I was down in the dumps. This is even more than I expected. It’s pretty cool. I actually can't wait to go back and get fitted.

The bombing victims were also invited to attend this weekend’s PGA tournament in Norton.