Marblehead police prevent elderly phone scam attempt, saving nearly $10,000

MARBLEHEAD, MASS. (WHDH) - Police in Marblehead intervened Thursday before an elderly resident lost thousands of dollars to a scammer.

The victim said they sent nearly $10,000 in cash to an address in New Jersey to bail out a grandchild.

But when they found out their grandchild wasn’t in jail, the resident realized they had fallen victim to a popular phone scam, according to Marblehead police.

When they learned what happened, police contacted the authorities in New Jersey, who were able to intercept the money that had already been placed on a delivery truck and was on its way to its final destination.

Authorities were also sent to the address in an attempt to identify the suspects involved in the scam.

There is no word on if these attempts were successful.

Marblehead police issued a warning to anyone who may receive a phone call demanding money.

“These scam artists are smooth operators,” police say. “Our money belongs in our bank accounts. Not theirs.”

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