Early spring in New England……some sun, some clouds, some wind. Weather that just has you saying….”Ehh”. That’s what we have on tap the next few days.

Today starts with a lot of clouds but as we step through the day increasing amounts of sun will drive the temps up close to normal–mid 40s. the issue I have with today is that dang wind. It’s there the entire day and it’s a chilly wind turning those 30s/40s into 20s/30s for the day but…it IS Friday.

The weekend offers a fast moving weather system on Saturday which will bring quick changes through the day. A changeable day is perhaps a better way to spin it as we’ll have clouds and sprinkles mid morning into early afternoon then increasing sunshine as the day grows older. Wind will return to the region by afternoon and that wind will try to warm us up. It won’t happen north of the Pike with most towns in the upper 40s but south of the Pike Saturday afternoon highs reach the low to mid 50s. Sunday is simple. Cold. Temperatures under a mostly sunny sky only reach the low 40s region-wide.

As for next week, yes it turns wintry again with the jet stream taking what looks to be one final plunge down the east coast. This does 2 things. The first & foremost is a return to very cold air as afternoon temps only reach the 30s. The second (and MUCH less certain) is form a major storm just off the east coast next Wednesday. The track of this storm won’t be truly known until most likely Monday (until then, it’s really just hype) but the threat of snow & wind is with us in southern New England next Wednesday. In any event, that should be it as our pattern should finally start heading toward warmer weather thereafter.

Have a great weekend!


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