March held in support of immigrant woman seeking sanctuary

DENVER (WHDH) — Protesters in Denver marched to show their support for an immigrant woman seeking sanctuary inside a Colorado church.

Jeanette Vizguerra is an undocumented immigrant who came to America from Mexico in 1997. Participants at the rally said her four children were born in America and she works two jobs to support her family. Vizguerra is now facing deportation and she sought sanctuary in the First Unitarian Church.

Rally organizer Queen Phoenix said Vizguerra was moved to tears when she saw how many people showed up to support her.

“It’s very emotional to see very much people coming and expressing their support, their love. It’s very emotional,” said Vizguerra.

Vizguerra has already postponed her deportation five times but said she doubts she could win a similar reprieve with Trump as president.

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