Last Wednesday I was blogging about temps near 60 while this morning’s blog will detail cold wind. #MarchSadness. That wind was cranking all night reminding me of a January night after a Blizzard. It was close—-a powerhouse storm formed overnight in Nova Scotia and that rapid drop in air pressure resulted–and will continue to result–in wind. Wind gusts today will be between 40-50 mph…perhaps enough for some minor power disruption through the day. Certainly enough to keep wind chill temps in the teens all afternoon. Skies will average out partly sunny.

That wind eases a bit tonight and is much less fiesty tomorrow. What lingers is the cold. Temps tonight will head into the lower teens and tomorrow, despite strong March sun, only reach the low 30s.

Friday and Saturday are the days our next “storm” bothers us. It’s not a nor’easter or big storm but it will spill clouds in here for each day. I also think we’ll see some flurries/snow showers late Friday afternoon & Friday night—especially along South Coast/Shore. The storm will persist into Saturday morning with a few more rain/snow showers but again…it’s not much of a player in your weekend plans. Chilly weather for both Saturday & Sunday.


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