Welcome to meteorological spring!  Feels so much different, right?  I know, I know, it takes time here to bring in the milder weather and this year, March starts like February left.  At least for now.

February went down as the 2nd coldest month on record in Boston, the coldest month in Worcester and by far, the snowiest month in Boston’s history with 64.8″ for February alone. 

So if March starts off where February left off, of course we have more snow to track.

Snow Tonight:
-Patchy light snow/flurries break out mid to late afternoon, becoming steadier between 5 and 7pm
-Steadiest/heaviest snow is a few hours either side of midnight…. thinking 9pm -2am is the brunt of this storm
-2-4″ north of Boston, 3-4″ in Boston and Worcester, and 4-6″ for many towns south of the Pike.
-Highest totals likely in the southern Bristol/Plymouth counties where locally 6-7″ are possible.
-Most of the snow ends by 4am Monday. More likely to deal with solar glare than falling snow for Monday morning’s commute. 
-We’re 34-39 and melting with some sun by Monday afternoon!

We’re chasing history now, with 102″ so far in Boston.  That’s only 5.6″ shy of the #1 slot of 107.6″ set in 1995-96.  With Boston likely picking up 3-4″ of snow with this storm, we may fall just shy of the all time record.

Will we get the #1 slot this week?  It’s possible to catch a couple inches of snow Tuesday night before that storm flips over the mainly rain.  If that’s the case, we may achieve #1 then.

Anyway, we’re getting there.  Spring arrives in 19 days, clocks go forward 1hr next weekend and we pick up quite a bit of daylight during the month of March.  Also, by the end of March, the average high is 50, so even if we’re cooler than average, average is a lot warmer.  Let’s hope for a slow and steady melt of the snow next month.  There’s a lot of water in that snowpack, and the last thing we need are early Spring floods/ice jams.

After the mid-week storm, the pattern looks quiet for about a week after.


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