While today will not be as nice as Wednesday’s flirtation with spring I do think it can get a favorable score from the judges. Once we get to March winter really is on its last leg as that sunshine can bite into cold, arctic air. Furthermore, if you can get a day with barely any wind–like today–you’re cooking with gas. That’s how today looks….brilliant sunshine (more clouds by afternoon) and very little wind. Temps are a little below normal..mid & upper 30s.

The weekend….eh……not that great. A rainstorm is coming at us from the gulf states. This storm will dislodge most of the cold air but some will linger near the ground inland. This means the front of our storm will be in the form of freezing rain for 2-3 hours Saturday morning–especially along & west of I-495. By mid morning it becomes a chilly rain and that rains hangs with us until late afternoon. Most towns pick up between .50-1.00″ of rain—-not enough rain to produce flooding unless storm drains are still clogged with snow/ice. Drizzle & fog likely Saturday night. Sunday the storm is farther away but still able to influence our weather with clouds and even a few snowshowers mid morning into early afternoon Sunday. Most of Sunday afternoon offers clouds and temps in the upper 30s with the occasional flurry (this applies to Southie as well).

A brief look into next week reveals much the same….temps in the 30s/40s with no signs of warmth anytime soon. At least we’ll have the sunshine.

Enjoy your weekend!


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