So, if you're against gambling, this wouldn't be a bad time to fold 'em, because this hand is over, and you're not going to win.

But I'm not sure what the state is going to win either.

“People are looking for work,” the House speaker, Robert DeLeo said. The Bay State's godfather of gambling — says jobs, jobs, jobs:

“I think in the House of Representatives there's a real concern about creation of jobs. That what this bill was all about," DeLeo said.

Okay. Then how come Connecticut — the home of Foxwoods and Mohegan sun — has a 9.1% unemployment rate…

Aand Nevada, which includes Las Vegas — has a 12.9% unemployment rate…

While Massachusetts — with no casinos — has an unemployment rate of 7.4%?

Just asking.

And here's another question. Do you believe new casinos are going to create thousands of new gamblers, or will the same old gamblers just spend their money in different ways than they do now?

As casinos go up, will lottery betting go down? As these plush new resorts open, will other hotels and motels be forced to close.

Finally, all those promised jobs. Are they good jobs…at good wages? How much would you like to bet on that?

My bet is this is an act of desperation.

And Massachusetts is desperate…for new jobs and new revenues.

But so is every other state.

That's why I'm not surprised casinos are coming here…I just doubt they'll be the economic jackpot so many imagine.

And that’s my instinct.

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