The Massachusetts delegation says it is united in their opposition to Trump’s healthcare bill.

A different scene than the Republicans in Washington where they are dealing with added pressure to pass it or give up.

Massachusetts Congressman Bill Keating says Republicans have a tough road ahead of them.

“It might be whack a mole,” says Keating, “where they get enough people to agree to one thing, and then popping up on another whole, a group of more moderate Republicans that say ‘I cant accept that.'”

8th District Congressman Stephen Lynch agrees that getting a vote from one member might cost you another vote.

And Keating says his GOP counterparts are feeling the pressure from the President.

“The lobbying doesn’t get more intense than the President taking it to the oval office in small groups and dealing with the issues,” says Keating. “And the Speaker of the House both dealing with that trying to move members.  Lobbying is as intense as it gets.”

If republicans cant find a way to fix their bill, 4th District Congressman Joe Kennedy says he is ready to help Republicans fix Obamacare.

“I would love to be able to engage Reblucian colleagues,” said Kennedy, “in ways to address concerns of costs of premiums and high deductibles and lack of competitions.”


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