Massachusetts House votes to approve bump stock ban

BOSTON (WHDH) — Members of the Massachusetts House voted Wednesday to ban bump stocks, devices used to increase a firearm’s discharge rate.

The House voted overwhelmingly in favor, with the legislation passing 151-3. The amendment bans anything that attaches to a weapon to increase its firing rate. Bump stocks were used by the gunman in Las Vegas to modify semi-automatic guns so they would shoot more rapidly.

“We, as a civilized society, cannot allow this type of device to be in private hands,” said Rep. David Linsky (D-Natick), the bill’s sponsor.

The three votes against the bill came from Republicans, who called the bill too vague. Gun rights advocates also criticized the bill, saying it overreaches.

“It’s a bill that we don’t know who would enforce, who would determine if a rate of fire would increase and what are the items that would increase the rate of fire,” said Rep. Peter Durant (R-Spencer).

The amendment builds on the state’s 2014 gun laws that are considered some of the toughest laws in the country.

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