Massachusetts man convicted of assault on Muslim woman

BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts man has been convicted of yelling slurs and attacking a Muslim woman who was on her way to prayer services during Ramadan.

Prosecutors say 36-year-old Sean Devlin was convicted by a judge Thursday of charges including assault and battery and civil rights violations. Sentencing is scheduled for Friday.

Authorities say the North Reading man was on an Orange Line train in Boston in June 2017 when he heard 63-year-old Malika Touirtou speaking Arabic on the phone. Police say Devlin struck the train window near her head, breaking it, claimed the woman had a bomb in her bag, and struck her with an umbrella as she exited. He told her to “go back to your country.”

Touirtou said outside court she’s glad the ordeal is over and “God Bless America.”

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