WASHINGTON (WHDH) — Was President Trump’s election campaign colluding with Russia? That’s the question members of the Massachusetts delegation are raising, and it’s why they want an investigation.

From Washington, Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton told 7’s Sharman Sacchetti that he wants an independent bipartisan investigation into Trump’s campaign ties to Russia.

It comes just hours after Moulton tweeted the word “treason,” about the latest revelations that there were reported contacts between campaign aides and Russian officials.

“Fundamentally, treason is putting the interests of an enemy ahead of our own. And it’s pretty amazing that Donald Trump is able to attack everybody in the world except Vladimir Putin,” Moulton said.

And Congressman Stephen Lynch is questioning why an investigation hasn’t happened yet.

“There’s obviously a cover-up going on, and it’s just a matter of time until the American people call us out, and say do your job, investigate this,” Lynch said.

But Republicans are brushing off demands for a wider investigation, adding that investigations by intelligence committees are enough.

President Trump is blasting the information as “illegally leaked.”

Senator Ed Markey told Sacchetti that an independent probe is needed to protect men and women serving overseas.

“We have young men and women from Massachusetts, right now who are positioned around the Russian border to protect our national security. We should understand right now if our national security has been compromised,” Markey said.

Congressman Bill Keating said he believes the election is legitimate, but that it’s time this is cleared up.

They’ve already demonstrated that they have affected our election. They’ve had the number one security person in our country have to step down,” Keating said.

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