Massachusetts residents react to Trump victory

BOSTON (WHDH) - Massachusetts residents have mixed feelings on President Elect Donald Trump, though many in the blue state that voted more than 60 percent in favor of a Hillary Clinton presidency are disappointed.

“We were all going to go into work and nobody wanted to talk about it,” said Mark Espanol.

Rob Fidor, a Trump-supporter, said he thinks the President Elect can “shake up” politics in the United States. “He’s not perfect. I am not saying that. He has lots of flaws. But we do need some changes,” Fidor said.

Liz Garry was disappointed in the results because of Trump’s choice words during the campaign. “It is disappointing to have a character make such egregious remarks about so many different kinds of people so consistently, be the face of our nation.”

Kelsey Barton, who prioritizes the environment and financial stability for all, said she is also disappointed in the election of a Trump presidency. “I also believe that the environment and an inclusive economy should be our number one priority so I woke up feeling pretty dejected.”

Thousands who shared feelings of disappointment and fear protested peacefully on Boston Common Wednesday evening.

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