Massachusetts to begin COVID-19 mobile and pop-up clinics

BOSTON (AP) — The state is planning to launch a new strategy to bring COVID-19 vaccine shots to some of the state’s hardest hit areas.

Beginning next week and ramping up over time, mobile and pop-up clinics will take to the streets of Chelsea, Revere, Boston, Fall River and New Bedford.

Vaccine doses will be picked up by mobile vaccination teams at the Hynes Convention Center — one of the state’s mass vaccination sites — and then distributed and administered in the communities.

Most of the mobile units and pop-up clinics will be set up in city parks, parking lots, and other community locations identified by the municipalities as easy to access for community members.

The effort is made part in possible by a partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is bringing in an additional 6,000 daily vaccine doses to the Hynes for an eight-week period.

The doses supplied to the mobile and pop-up clinics will come from the FEMA vaccines.

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