Only in the upper 20s areawide today. First day of many in the next week to ten days, but I am seeing a few minor exceptions to this rule.

I don’t want you to read too much into this, however. It’s not so much that the cold pattern is loosening its grip on New England as much as it’s about mini-warm ups among a colder-than-normal weather setup in the East. Consider the 7 day:

See, there are days where we make – or surpass – freezing. I know, I know, great Boosh, when’s it gonna hit 70? (Snarky answer: May…or early/mid April if this year’s anything like previous springs.)

Those mini bumps in the temperatures are courtesy of light southwest winds and just the right amount of sun. On the other end of the spectrum, the cold seems to follow after these small warm ups. And then there’s that Monday affair still looming large.

Not speculating on track and snow amounts yet. We’ve seen what the anticipation can get you (remember what we were thinking last week for tomorrow?) Wednesday’s “storm” is now just a few flakes.

Speaking of, some may fly tomorrow, but many of us just sit in gray skies through midday. Better chance for a squall on Thursday as an arctic front swings through in the afternoon. What are squalls? Small, intense snow showers. A coating is possible if they are strong enough, but the weather models are still sending blurry signals at this point.



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