Massive lightning strike cripples Boston boat right before race

BOSTON (WHDH) - The navigator of a South Boston boat struck by a massive bolt of lightning Saturday is promising he and his crew will be ready to race by the same time next year, despite their vessel suffering heavy damage.

The boat was struck by lightning while moored at the Columbia Yacht Club during Saturday’s storms, with the devastating bolt caught by a fellow yacht club member in a video that has since gone viral. Ed Mayo, the boat’s navigator, said the crew had been on the boat shortly before the storm rolled in.

Mayo said they were planning to spend Sunday sailing in the annual Marblehead To Halifax race, not surveying the damage wrought by Mother Nature.

“We’re lucky that the boat didn’t sink,” Mayo said. “There was significant electrical damage … the electrical is completely charred, all the fuses blew. At the top of the mast, we know about five things that were up there all exploded.”

The boat will be towed to the nearest marina tomorrow for a better look at what needs to be repaired, but Mayo said the damage wouldn’t stop them from participating in next year’s race.

“Next year’s we’re coming back for sure,” Mayo said.

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