Massport to consider charging fee for pickups and dropoffs at Logan

BOSTON (WHDH) — Massport agreed to a study to explore the possibility of charging drivers dropping off and picking up passengers at Logan Airport.

Massport, the company that runs the airport, said they are currently just studying the idea as a way to cut down on traffic congestion and pollution. One alternative is public transportation but some travelers did not see this as ideal.

“You can’t get that much stuff onto public transportation, so yeah it would be really inconvenient,” said Pari Moghadam. “It would be killer.”

Those who want to avoid public transportation could also park at the airport’s lot. One woman said that option did not sit well with her.

“My mother’s in her early 60s, she’s almost legally blind, there’s no way I could have her pick herself up from the airport and drive 50 minutes north,” said Whitney Van Dyke.

The study is being done with the Conservation Law Foundation and will not be complete until 2019.

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