BOSTON (WHDH) - Matt Damon and Casey Affleck were spotted filming a movie in Boston on Wednesday, drawing a crowd to an area on Cambridge Street. 

The two are in town filming a movie entitled “The Instigators,” which follows two crooks who go on the run with their therapist when a robbery goes wrong. 

At the Engine 4, Ladder 24 Boston Fire Department fire station Wednesday morning, a scene for the film involved Affleck and Damon walking toward a firetruck. 

Affleck could be seen wearing a Dartmouth sweatshirt alongside snow brought in for the wintertime scene.

Nurses from nearby Mass General Hospital were outside among the crowd gathered to get a look at Hollywood stars in Boston.

An area teacher was also on scene with his students. 

“This is wild,” Patrick Tracey told 7NEWS. 

Fire station operations were getting back to normal around noon after movie activities Wednesday morning. 

Elsewhere, though, Damon, Affleck and their film crew are expected to be at Bova’s Bakery in the North End this week to film another scene for “The Instigators.”

The historic Bova’s Bakery closed on Monday and is scheduled to remain closed through Friday to make way for a scene said to involve a glass case being broken.

While this week’s closure at Bova’s marks the first such extended closure in the bakery’s nearly 100 year history, some don’t seem to mind.

“I think we’re excited to see it,” North End native Sam Marino said.

Crews were outside Bova’s Wednesday hauling in more snow and gear.

Crews separately set up cameras inside the bakery as a crew member hosed down Prince Street to get the look just right.

“It’s pretty cool,” neighbor Riley Cannon said.

“The Instigators” is being produced by a production company created by Damon and Casey Affleck’s brother, Ben.

Bova’s is scheduled to reopen after filming on Saturday.

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