May Day May Day

More like a day in May today with clouds, showers and yet temps still reaching the 60s! You see, this time of year, we can (and do) reach the 60s but more often than not it happens with abundant sunshine and a healthy breeze but sometimes like today, you run into a day that is so warm that even clouds & showers can’t keep those temps down. Impressive.

The reason for the clouds & showers is a cool front that is slicing through new England this evening. This front will keep batches of rain in the region overnight tonight but nothing too heavy as most towns pick up .25" of rain or less. Being a cool front was referenced must mean cool yes & no…certainly cooler than the 60s/70s like the past two days but nothing that will send us back into the death grip of winter (eesh JR….take a walk or something).

This cooler air is with us tomorrow but so is the sun and March sunshine can make cool, breezy air a push. Temps tomorrow will reach the mid & upper 50s–still way above normal but a smidge cooler when stacked up against these past two days. Nice early spring day–AND…it’s Friday.

The weekend looks nice…real nice with mostly sunny skies on Saturday and partly sunny skies on Sunday. Temps both days once again run well up into the 50s if you are inland. On Sunday, a sea breeze takes place so coastal cities & towns see their temps held back in the low 50s (upper 40s right along the shore). Great weekend to take the exercise routine outside, get a jump on yardwork or even play some early season golf!

Enjoy your Thursday evening!