May Heat Wave

In order to call it an official “heat wave,” we need to have three days in a row in which the temp reaches 90°+.  After the last two scorcher days… we made it to 90° again today!  Sound the alarm.  Today makes three.  It’s an official May heat wave!  You’ll notice on this graphic at the top that the last time we had a heat wave in the month of May was back in 2001, on May 2-4.  That is also the EARLIEST heat wave on record for Boston.  Pretty hot… pretty early.  I do hope you enjoyed the summer preview, because it is back to spring once again.

The weekend is DRY (finally), but MUCH cooler.  This will be especially true for the coastline, which will be cooler due to a sea breeze.  All in all, it’s not a bad weekend at all!  But if you were hoping to hit the beach like you may have been jonesin’ to do this week… Sorry.  The complaint department is still closed!

Sunday will feature more clouds than Saturday, but it’s still dry.  We wait until Monday for our next rain-maker, with scattered showers throughout the day.  Looking at the rest of the week, it looks like “summer weather” is taking a “spring-break,” with highs in the 60s and low 70s.  This is much more like it (closer to normal) for this time of year.

I know many folks have been asking about the Memorial Day Weekend forecast.  It’s so hard to really pin it down this far out – granted, we’re only a week away… but a lot can change over the span of a week.  At first glance though (taking into account that MUCH could change over the next 7-10 days), and with an “EARLY FORECAST” disclaimer here, I’d say fairly seasonable (highs in the 70s) and a chance of a few showers Sunday into Monday.  Of course, we’ll keep you posted every step of the way as we get closer to the “unofficial start of summer.”  Have a great THIS weekend before we talk more about the NEXT!  – Breezy