Mayor feels safe at City Hall despite April security scare

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh told 7News he feels safe at City Hall despite a security scare last month.

Police said a 300-pound man made his way up to Walsh’s office on the fifth floor of City Hall. The 52-year-old homeless man allegedly rushed the receptionist’s desk and knocked a female staffer back. He was then stopped and charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and battery. Walsh was in a meeting at the time.

City Hall currently has metal detectors at its front and back doors, where guests have to be screened. Walsh said City Hall is a public building and he has no plans to add to its current security procedures.

"The mayor’s office is the people’s office and we’re not going to be putting up checkpoints and barricades," said Walsh.

Walsh also said the city needs to take better care of its homeless population, as well as people with mental health issues.

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