As efforts continue to recover from weeks of severe winter weather, the MBTA is prepared to provide a limited schedule of rail and bus service today.  Because of reduced service on all Commuter Rail lines, customers are urged to check the revised schedules posted at

Red Line:
Service will available on the Red Line from Alewife to JFK/UMass Stations with limited substitute bus service on the Ashmont and Braintree branches. 
Trains between Alewife and JFK/UMass are scheduled to arrive/depart about every six to seven minutes.  Limited bus replacement service will be available between Braintree and JFK/UMass and between Ashmont and JFK/UMass.

Orange Line:
Orange Line service will be available from Sullivan to Forest Hills Stations with limited substitute bus service from Oak Grove to Sullivan Stations. 
Trains between Sullivan and Forest Hills are scheduled to arrive/depart every 12 minutes.  Limited bus replacement service will be available between Oak Grove and Sullivan.

Green Line:
Green Line service will operate between Kenmore and Lechmere Stations with limited trolley service operating in both directions on the D branch. 

Trains between North Station and Kenmore will depart/arrive every five to six minutes.  

Along the B branch, Route 57 buses will make stops between Packards Corner and Kenmore Stations.  There will be no bus service between Packards Corner and Boston College.

Along the C branch, limited shuttle bus service will be available between Cleveland Circle and Kenmore.

Along the E branch, Route 39 buses will make stops between Northeastern and Heath St. Stations.

Blue Line:

The Blue Line is serving all stations between Wonderland and Bowdoin. 
Trains will depart/arrive every seven to eight minutes.
Service remains suspended on the Mattapan Trolley Line.  A limited bus replacement service will be available.

Commuter Rail:

Will operate on a modified (reduced) weekday schedule, but with delays likely.  The revised schedules are available at

Buses, including the Silver Line, will operate on a weekday schedule with delays due to traffic and road conditions.

Please note that parking in MBTA garages will continue to be permitted, but availability may be limited. Lynn, Beverly, Salem, and Wonderland Garages will continue to have low availability. Additional parking availability information can be found here. Illegally parked vehicles in garages that are found to be blocking pedestrian access ways and/or traffic lanes will be subject to towing. Passengers are encouraged to park in garages only when leaving their vehicle on the premises overnight.

MBTA passengers may also park in available Massport parking at Suffolk Downs Station and board Massport employee shuttles either to Airport terminals or to the Blue Line Airport Station.

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