MBTA officials apologize after two teens hijack Red Line intercom

QUINCY, MASS. (WHDH) - The MBTA is apologizing to riders who were subjected to profanities Wednesday after two teens broke into the intercom system of a Red Line train and began reciting vulgar song lyrics.

Riders alerted the MBTA to the problem via Twitter, speculating that the train had been “hacked.”

One video shows a woman covering her mouth in reaction to the inappropriate language.

Other riders expressed concern for the younger passengers.

“It seems a little inappropriate since people of all ages use the train,” Miranda Lan, a passenger said. “It’s public access. They shouldn’t be doing it if there were kids on the train.

In a statement, an MBTA spokesman said, “as soon as we saw the customer’s tweets, the control center sent a Red Line official to meet the train.”

Upon arrival at Quincy Adams station, the teens ran from the train and exited the station.

Although riders were shocked at the offensive language, many said they were more concerned to learn that two kids were able to gain access to the cab.

“You want to feel safe and secure,” one commuter said. “You know certain things will happen — but that was just too easy.”

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