Police search for masked man after trolley driver attacked

BOSTON (WHDH) - A man in a Michael Myers Halloween mask was caught on video running away after assaulting an MBTA operator early Sunday morning.

Transit Police said the costumed man told the trolley operator he couldn’t pay the fare at the Cedar Grove stop.

The man in the mask reportedly punched the worker in the face, dragged him out of the trolley and continued to attack him on the street.

Two passengers on the trolley called 911, but the man took off before police arrived.

The trolley driver was taken to the hospital after the attack.

Police released surveillance video, hoping someone recognizes the man in the costume, even though he’s fully covered up.

Police riding the trolley on Monday said the entire attack is troubling, but they still feel safe.

Acting MBTA General Manager, Brian Shortsleeve, condemned the attack and said assaults on MBTA employees will not be tolerated.

He urged anyone with information to contact Transit Police at 617-222-1050.

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