The MBTA ran limited service as it worked to clear snow from rails. They released updated service information:


Morning MBTA Recovery Update: Red Line-North Quincy and Green Line Service along E Branch Open Again

Boston – Today, in coordination with MassDOT officials, Governor Charlie Baker’s administration, and the National Guard, MBTA officials announced that Red Line service has resumed from Alewife to North Quincy on the Red Line.  Green Line Service along the E Branch also resumed this morning
Recovery Update
•    The Red Line service from Alewife to North Quincy has resumed.  
•    Green Line Service along E Branch has resumed.
Other highlights include:
•    Wellington Maintenance facility 100% operational
•    1,278,000 cubic feet of snow and ice cleared
•    78 track miles recovered
•    Customer service call center capacity expanded
Snow Removal and Service Updates:

•    Upwards of 200 personnel, including DOC inmates, contractors, and SEIU members will be deployed to clear the Mattapan High Speed Line.
•    Massachusetts National Guard will be deploying resources to assist the MBTA in meeting the objective of opening the Red Line between NQ and Braintree.
•    B Line Shuttle Bus Extended to Kenmore
•    During rush hour, oversized digital monitors are displaying real-time information and service alerts at seven major T stations
• has been modified to display service updates by mode in a simplified format
Latest service information can be found at the MBTA’s winter resource hub: Customers are also urged to check T-Alerts regularly for updates or to join our 110,000 followers on Twitter @MBTA. For Commuter Rail updates, we ask commuters to follow the MBTA Commuter Rail on Twitter @MBTA_CR.

Service Updates/Status:
Commuter Rail
•    Keolis announced that along with their partners at the MBTA, Governor Baker’s office and others a robust recovery plan will be created aimed at getting service back to normal.
•    The new action plan will include bringing in additional workers to help clear snow and ice from our key maintenance facilities north and south of Boston, layover facilities, as well as at key switch points in the system.
•    Additional snow removal equipment from outside the system will be brought in to remove snow entirely, and not only plow rail lines.
•    Keolis has also set up a recovery maintenance plan to repair disabled locomotives and passenger cars and bring more equipment on-line.
•    One of the top priorities in the next few days is to improve customer communications to ensure that Keolis is providing accurate information in a timely manner to our passengers.
•    The Commuter Rail will operate on a modified weekday schedule through Friday, February 20, but with significant delays and several canceled trips.  Revised schedules are available at

Red Line
•    Red line service from Alewife to North Quincy resumes.
•    100 contractors will be deployed at Wollaston Station to assist with recovery efforts.
•    Service will be restored from Alewife to Braintree on Monday, February 23.

Orange Line
•    Train service is now available at all stations between Oak Grove and Forest Hills.
•    Trains between Oak Grove and Forest Hills are scheduled to arrive/depart every nine minutes.

Green Line
•    Green Line Service along the E branch resumes today.
•    Train service along the B branch will operate from Kenmore to Lechmere Stations in both directions. Trolleys between North Station and Kenmore will depart/arrive every six minutes.
•    Work overnight was performed to clear snow on the Green Line ‘B’ and Green Line ‘E’ branch. Both of these lines have a significant amount of internal, contractor and MEMA supported equipment being deployed tonight to remove street side snow banks that are prohibiting safe transit operations.

Green Line B-Branch
•    Approximately 60 workers were clearing snow on Comm Ave Green Line tracks between Packards Corner, Washington Street, and the Boston College Yard.       
•    Along the B branch, Route 57 buses will run the regular route, which makes stops between Packards Corner and Kenmore Stations.
•    Limited bus shuttle service between Kenmore and Boston College.
•    Service will be restored on Monday, February 23, 2015

Green Line C-Branch
•    Trolley service is operating in both directions from North Station to Cleveland Circle Station, with trains departing/arriving every seven to eight minutes.

Green Line D-Branch
•    Trolley service is operating in both directions from Park Street to Riverside Stations, with trains departing/arriving every seven to eight minutes.

Green Line E-Branch
•    Service is restored as of Friday, February 20, 2015

Blue Line
•    The Blue Line is serving all stations between Wonderland and Bowdoin Stations. Trains will depart/arrive every five minutes.
 Mattapan Trolley
•    Service remains suspended on the Mattapan Trolley Line. A limited bus replacement service will be available between Ashmont and Mattapan Stations.
•    Service will be restored on Friday, February 27, 2015
•    Buses, including the Silver Line, will operate on a weekday schedule with delays due to traffic and road conditions.
•    Charlestown service will operate on a weekday schedule on a weekday schedule.
•    The limited evening departures from Long Wharf /Boston to Hull are as follows: 2:40 p.m.,3:40 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m, 6:05 p.m., 6:40 p.m.

•    Please note that parking in MBTA garages will continue to be permitted, but availability may be limited. Lynn, Beverly, Salem, and Wonderland Garages will continue to have low availability. Additional parking availability information can be found found here.
•    MBTA passengers may also park in available Massport parking at Suffolk Downs Station and board Massport employee shuttles either to Airport terminals or to the Blue Line Airport Station.

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