Medford parents throw impromptu prom for their kids after pandemic ruins their last dance

MEDFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - Two Medford highschoolers got their chance at a last dance Thursday night after their senior prom was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak — and it was all thanks to their parents.

It was a picture-perfect day for an impromptu prom and even though this year’s dance was canceled, Matignon seniors Casey Powers and Patrick Stanton celebrated anyway.

“Everything we’ve been looking forward to has just kind of fizzled out like he just said, but I think we’re doing the most that we can,” Casey said.

These graduating seniors made the most of a day that did not go exactly as planned.

“I mean it’s nice to do something since Casey already bought the dress, might as well use it,” Patrick chimed in.

The couple did not come up with the whole idea on their own — “It was our moms’ actually” they admitted.

Joanne Powers and Joanne Stanton or as they like to call themselves, “Joanne-Squared” cooked up the special prom plan.

“We were just kind of feeling sad that the kids at the end of their high school career,” Joanne Stanton said.”That it wasn’t turning out the way that we had all hoped.”

Joanne Powers said, “Well, Joanne called me when I was out for a walk and said, ‘I have this amazing idea, would you be up for it?’ And she told me it, and I said, ‘I would love that!”

The plan involved pictures outside the Medford Boat Club and of course a little bit of slow dancing in the backyard of Casey’s house.

“I mean it’s gorgeous out I think it’s the best we could do for a day that would have our senior prom I guess,” Casey said.

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