Memphis police officers found themselves getting into the holiday spirit over Thanksgiving weekend, as they helped a boy who had his Xbox stolen in a break in. 

Tontrevion Campbell, 11, had his Xbox stolen on Sunday during a burglary at his family’s home. 

“When we asked the child if he is going to get a new Xbox for Christmas, he said, ‘No, my mom doesn’t have that kind of money. And all the money she makes goes to pay the bills,’” Memphis Police Officer Jerry Graves said. 

Officers from Crump Station’s Charlie shift bought a new Xbox and three games, and Gamestop donated an additional controller. The kind gesture went viral on Sunday thanks to a Facebook video. 

Officers said Campbell was more concerned about his mother than his stolen Xbox, which impressed them the most. 

“Just to be able to alleviate some of his stress, just for that day, and actually help that family in this time, like Christmas – it really was an overwhelming feeling,” Memphis Police Officer Antonio Martin said. “Policing, it’s not really just about going into dangerous situations, it’s definitely about helping out the community as well.” 

Campbell and his mother thanked the police on Facebook, saying they were grateful for the officers’ generosity. 

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