Men help rescue driver trapped inside burning truck in Worcester

WORCESTER, MASS. (WHDH) - Two good Samaritans in Worcester helped police rescue a man trapped inside a burning pickup truck after a crash on Thursday.

The driver crashed just before 1 p.m. near Dick’s Sporting Goods on Lincoln Street. Police said the truck slammed into a fence and fire hydrant, then went up in flames. Witnesses said they could see thick black smoke pouring out of the truck.

Police said they tried to free the 51-year-old man from Auburn but were unable to open the doors because they were pinned shut. Shawn Hibbard, who works for the landscaping company at the plaza, jumped into action with another man and pulled wooden pallets out of the way to get to the driver. Hibbard then grabbed his fire extinguisher and gave it to the other man.

“Flames were up to here in the pickup truck and a man was in the cab. So I threw that guy the fire extinguisher, he blasted the fire out,” said Hibbard. “I think that little fire extinguisher was probably the savior of the day, absolutely.”

The man was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. He is said to be in critical condition. The man likely suffered a medical emergency, causing him to crash, according to investigators.

Police said the driver’s foot was still on the gas pedal, which caused the rear tires to spin on the asphalt and spark a fire.

The crash is under investigation.