Merry Christmas!

Mild and muggy with temps near 70 yesterday!  Christmas Eve was a record breaking one for sure with the new record of 69 in Boston, crushing the old record of 61.  The 4th of July was only 72 in the city, so we weren’t all that far off that. 

While it won’t be as warm today, it’ll still be mild with locally dense fog this morning giving way to partly sunny skies and highs in the lower 60s. 
Santa drop of those new roller blades or new bike?  There will be plenty of opportunity to give it go with them today.  New snowboard or skis?… May need some patience with this one, however, there is some snow and ice in the forecast next week and the mountains of Central New England will likely do well with that storm. 

Let’s get through the weekend first… Saturday is the cooler of the 2 days with highs in the upper 40s to 50.  Sunday is back into the 50s to near 60. Many hours of Saturday are dry, however, we have a good shot at some rain moving in Saturday night with some scattered showers still on Sunday. 

Winter delayed, but not denied….. Monday is a slap in the face type cold shot as highs don’t get out of the 30s!  That cold air in place will set the stage for a snow to ice to rain set-up on Tuesday as moisture and milder air tries pushing back in from the southwest.  Too early for snow/ice amounts, but with a solid batch of moisture moving into the fresh cold air in place, we’ll likely see widespread snow breaking out predawn/early morning Tuesday.  The cold air is easy to scour out at the coastline with mild ocean temps and an onshore wind.  We’ll likely see a change to rain along the coast while inland, sleet and freezing rain may follow the snow.  The best chance for a plowable snow looks to be inland, especially outside 495. Stay tuned on this one!  

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend ahead with family and Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate the holiday! 

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