Ever been, literally, in between two people during a heated office discussion or family brouhaha? Nothing awkward there at all. Here in southern New England we find our weather in a similar setup. Leftover cold air across northern New England tries to seep south and at the same time, springtime warmth across the mid Atlantic is trying to surge north. The result is a front that won’t move for a few days.

These fronts are great at producing clouds, showers and keeping temps steady but thankfully they rarely produce heavy amounts of precipitation (full disclosure—-if thunderstorms ride along these fronts then you can get heavy rains). Grab that umbrella for the day even though much of the day is likely to just feature clouds & sprinkles. Also grab a heavy jacket as temps are cool, raw..only reaching the low 40s.

Similar weather tomorrow as said front moves little. There is a wrinkle tho—-the air will be slightly colder so those raindrops will share the sky with some sleet pellets as temps stay in the 30s all day. Thursday sees little to no improvement as we hold onto the clouds & the threat of passing showers/drizzle. If there is any improvement it would be only mentioning raindrops instead of sleet & rain. There will be a surge of steadier rain Thursday night. This surge will bring 3 day totals of rain close to an inch. That amount of rain spread out over 3+ days is fine for sump pumps, storm drains as well as rivers/streams.

MUCH better weather is heading this way for the upcoming weekend.


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