No excuses being made but it’s a forecast that’s unwinnable as a messy storm heads this way on Saturday. Here are some thoughts on the Saturday storm:

* Fast moving storm–arrives between 7-8am and departs between 5-7pm with the most intense part of the storm focused between 11am and 4pm.

* No arctic air in New England so the storm will need to produce its own cold air. This also means rain/snow ribbons (thick lines if you will) will be draped across southern New England during the storm.

* The lack of arctic air means the snow will be heavy & wet–unusual for a January storm. This wet/sloppy snow will be tough to shovel & plow and will also weigh down on tree limbs/power lines. Some power disruption is likely tomorrow afternoon-evening.

* The snowfall forecast will be prone to errors due to the wobbly rain/snow ribbons but you can check out our *special* map in the maps section to see how much snow is on the way. West & north of the city is where the most snow falls—4-6″ and in those locations is where the risk for power loss exists.

* Travel midday tomorrow into early evening is poor but does improve tomorrow evening so you probably can keep the dinner reservations tomorrow night (especially ones after 6pm), just allow extra time & plan on wearing boots.

* Wind will be an issue on Cape Cod tomorrow evening with gusts between 40-50mph late tomorrow evening.

* Minor coastal flooding is possible at the the 2:30pm high tide on Saturday but thankfully the storm is moving fast so moderate coastal flooding is not anticipated with this storm.

I think I covered the bases…..if not, shoot me a tweet.

 In any event, Sunday looks like a great for cleaning up as well as skiing/sledding.

Have a great weekend!



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