Methuen mom: Family lucky to be alive after early morning carbon monoxide scare

METHUEN, Mass. (WHDH) — A family of four was taken to the hospital early Thursday morning after they reported symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure in Methuen.

Fire officials responded to West Street around 3 a.m. after the mother reported that she had a headache and her two children had headaches and nausea.

Deputy Chief Dan Donahue said two children, a mother and a grandmother were all taken to Lawrence General Hospital to be checked out.

The family was using a generator backed up against the garage at the time, officials said.

Donahue said measurements showed carbon monoxide levels of 500 parts per million in the house. The department typically evacuates a building when CO levels reach nine parts per million.

Michelle Laurent says she, her children and grandmother were checked out at the hospital and are all doing well. Laurent says she knew something was wrong and that her family is lucky to be alive.

“For me it was headache, dizziness,” Laurent said. “With my daughter, it almost sounded like flu-like symptoms.” Laurent added “I had insomnia. I couldn’t sleep. Thank god for that.”

Around 11 p.m. Wednesday, crews also responded to another generator incident when the machinery caught a shed on fire at Bridgham Street in Methuen. No injuries were reported.

According to Donahue, generators should be at least 10 feet away from buildings.

In the past 24 hours, the fire department has responded to three generator incidents overall.

According to the National Grid, around 1,600 people are still without electricity in Methuen.

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