MIDDLEBORO, MASS. (WHDH) - A Middleborough boy is being called a hero after he called 911 when his mother started choking on food.

Michael O’Brien’s mother Marie Hunt said they were all sitting on the couch when she started choking on a piece of muffin. Michael immediately went to the phone when his mother pointed to it.

“She pointed to the phone, and I like, kind of panicked at first but I pulled it together, picked up the phone, answered all the questions,” said Michael.

Michael told the dispatcher his mother was choking and an ambulance arrived. He stayed on the line and told the dispatcher, “My mom is choking and she can’t talk.”

Right before the ambulance arrived, Hunt managed to get the piece of muffin out of her throat. Michael said he was scared because his father died in a car crash over Easter Weekend.

“Since my dad passed away Easter Weekend, 10 days later, I’m not letting my mom die, I’m not letting that happen,” said Michael.

Hunt credits the Cub Scouts with teaching Michael life-saving skills.

“I am so proud of that kid. I was proud of him before all of this happened but that was the icing on the cake,” said Hunt.

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