Recently, A person on twitter informed me that she & her husband were having a debate about storms and when they occurred—weekends or weekdays. Interesting topic but a topic without a clear-cut winner. The case can be made recently though that we’ve had nothing but midweek storminess. In fact, you have to go back to the first weekend of November (1st-2nd) to find a rainstorm not centered on a midweek day. This recurring theme typically does happen in the late fall-winter-early spring–where a pattern will set up for a month or two of storminess occurring every 5-7 days…..I can recall a winter 4-5 years ago where it seemed like we had a storm every Sunday Night-Monday.

Thankfully, this storm won’t stick around for 6 days like last week’s nor’easter. The steady rain is out early this morning then just a few isolated showers linger until midday. A few more brief showers are possible mid evening but essentially this rainstorm is done after 10am.

The other thing of note this month is the lack of very cold air. These storms have been nothing but rain due to the lack of arctic air (on average our temps haven’t been warm, just not cold enough for snow). This has to be sending snow lovers into a tizzy (to think of the amount of snow we’d have if even half of these storms were snow!!!).

I don’t see either changing anytime soon. Meaning our next big storm will fall around Christmas Eve-Day and it looks to be another rainstorm(snow up in northern New England for skiers). There will be a small nuisance storm Sunday with clouds and a few rain-wet snow showers but nothing to stop travel/shopping plans.

Much colder weather does appear likely toward New Year’s though.


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