"I came in like a wrecking ball"-Miley Cyrus…..when viewing the weather maps, I see the areas of low pressure (called cut-off lows) that remind me of bowling balls that slowly roll across the country with clouds & rain. Upon giving this more thought, perhaps I should change the analogy to a wrecking ball as all these pesky storms do is wreck any hope of spring weather.

I recall blogging about slow moving weather systems back in mid April and at that time it was High Pressure close by that didn’t move much. That resulted in about a week of sunshine & mild temps. Well, now it’s about slow moving Low Pressure that is going to be with us for a few more days. This Low Pressure is not a powerhouse storm that is loaded with heavy, flooding rains but rather, nuisance rain (most towns pick up .50" of rain or less each day)–just enough where you do need rain gear–it keeps you out of the yard/tennis courts and cancels the kids sports games.

Rain chances tomorrow are oppo of today….lowest during the morning but increasing by midday and most likely during the afternoon & evening. the showers will be scattered & light but have the rain gear ready to go. Some peeks of sun are possible during the morning hours & that should be enough to push temps into the 50s before the raindrops arrive. More scattered showers likely both Thursday & Friday.

The weekend does offer some hope–especially Saturday. I think we see a bunch of clouds but little in the way of rain—far from a washout. Mother’s Day is 50-50. Partly sunny but showers are good bet midday & early afternoon. Grrrr….sorry mom.

Our pattern turns around nicely next week with much warmer and sunnier weather inbound into New England. Party in the USA!


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