Milton Academy’s standout kicker headed for Notre Dame

Milton Academy’s Justin Yoon appears destined for kicking greatness, and calling him obsessed with his trade is probably more accurate than calling him a perfectionist.

“He has God-given talent, obviously. But I think the thing that sets him apart from others is his work ethic,” said Milton Academy head coach Kevin MacDonald.

“Before I kick I do a few routines,” said Yoon. “So every step has to be equal.”

“Lately he’s been out there with a ruler every day. Nobody really knows what he’s doing, but we don’t bother him because we might mess him up. You’re right, he’s an absolute perfectionist,” MacDonald said.

“Maybe I do see myself in that aspect. But it’s just like a routine. And in order to be one of the better kickers, you have to follow that,” said Yoon.

His big leg and attention to detail helped evolve him into an All-American, and the future kicker for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

“He definitely sold me on the fact that college isn’t a 4 year decision, it’s a 40 year decision,” Yoon said.

With a SAT score just barely south of 2100, Yoon could have chosen to kick for any number of schools from the Ivy League.

He attributes his talent to nothing more than hard work and genetics, but you may be a little surprised to hear where it comes from.

“My father was an Olympic figure skater, so it definitely comes from him. He also played soccer, and he was just very fit. So that’s where it comes from I guess,” Yoon said.

He ultimately didn’t stray too far from the ice and picked up a love for hockey, which is the sport that ultimately brought him to Milton.

The All-American kicker plans to remain a two sport athlete this winter.