Milton couple robbed and then kidnapped

MILTON, MASS. (WHDH) - A Milton neighborhood is on edge after a horrifying home invasion.

Investigators say someone broke into a couple’s home in Milton and tied them up before kidnapping them.

The daylong crime began Monday morning along Blue Hill Avenue.

Court documents show two men, armed with guns and knives, hiding in the bushes and then jumping out at a man in his own driveway.

They forced him back into the house and investigators say they duct taped the homeowner’s hands and legs while demanding money. They also looted the house.

The crime lasted for six hours, until the victim’s wife came home.

“As she entered the kitchen, she was set upon,” said Chief James O’Neil of the Milton Police Department, “and she was also restrained with some towels that had been cut up and had her hands tied.”

Police say the suspects split up, one of them taking the wife away in one car, while the other suspect forced the male victim to drive his car to a bank in Hyde Park.

This is where police say the man asked the teller for help.

“The male victim went inside the bank by himself and while withdrawing the money, did write on a slip of paper to the teller what was happening,” said O’Neil, “describing the crime and asking them not to call the police until he left the bank out of concern for his wife’s well being.”

After he left, the teller called police.

According to court documents, the victim withdrew $20,000. After getting the money, police say the suspect let the husband and wife go in different parts of Boston.

Investigators are now trying to figure out why the couple was targeted.

“We have no real understanding of how this came to be,” said O’Neil, “but you know the neighborhood has been and still is a safe neighborhood.”

Police were able to track down and arrest one of the suspects and now they are looking into whether that crime could be connected to a similar home invasion.


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