Milton Police investigating after reports of 2 sexual assaults by drivers

MILTON, Mass. (WHDH) — Police in Milton are warning young women to be careful after two women were sexually assaulted by drivers they thought they called to bring them home.

Police said in each case, a college-aged woman thought she booked a ride home from a bar or club in downtown Boston and got into a car. According to police, the drivers then took the woman to the Milton area, where they were sexually assaulted and dropped off in other locations.

The two incidents happened over three months. Police believe in both cases, the drivers are not affiliated with real companies. Police believe the same man may be behind both attacks, targeting women who are traveling alone and may be intoxicated.

Women are advised to make sure they are getting into a clearly-marked cab or car from a ride-sharing service. Police also advise traveling in groups whenever possible.

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