Missing New Hampshire student found in Connecticut, police say

EXETER, N.H. (WHDH) — School officials say a Phillips Exeter Academy student who had been missing since Tuesday night was found safe Wednesday in Connecticut.

Authorities say James “Jed” Breen, 17, fled Exeter Hospital around 5 p.m., where he was was being treated for dehydration.

Breen, a cross country runner, was found in Hartford just before 3 p.m. after an extensive search conducted by state and local police, wildlife officials and fellow students.

Authorities say Breen traveled out of state and that IT specialists helped track him down. They say Breen used a public computer to reach out to his parents and that the IP address was traced to a location near Hartford City Hall.

“We are delighted and relieved to be able to share that Jed Breen has been found safe,” Robin Giampa, Director of Communications at the school, said in a statement.

Breen has since been returned to his family. He is said to be OK.

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